There is nothing to be afraid of,
it is only the wind
changing to the east, it is only
your father the thunder
your mother the rain

Is this Tiffany? #3Hmm not sure about this one!  I’ve seen it tagged as her a lot, but there are no tattoos.  Could be an old one though!  Definitely has the cuteness and general awesomely-proportioned shape of Tiffany.  What do you think?

This is not Tiffany. Body shape is totally different and lacking any of her tattoos. She’s had the chest piece tattoo for years now. She also doesn’t have her navel pierced.
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Tiffany Mays moved to South Carolina with her boyfriend Madison and they are living in an apartment/townhome together. 
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Anonymous asked,

I really wonder why Tiffany feels the need to hide certain photos of herself/take photos with only one angle. She is a pretty girl imo, even in her "unflattering" photos (I think she is actually prettier in those because she isn't trying so hard). We have a few mutual friends and I have seen her in person, she does look different but still very cute.


It’s because she’s insecure for whatever reason

After I saw the pictures she did for Imyourpresent I knew she was all myspace angles and wasn’t actually that attractive.

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Tiffany Mays is NOT a feminist

I really hate girls (girls, not women) who claim to be feminists so they can have a convenient excuse to get shitfaced and spread it for randoms in the name of “sexual freedom”. It’s a fucking sham and these idiots have absolutely no fucking idea what it means to be a feminist, or even just to be independent as a person. They couldn’t take care of themselves/not rely on men if they tried. If anything, girls like starpowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr are the anti-feminists. Imploring the masses to look at pictures of their bodies and doing such highly evolved things like BLINKING and nothing else while behaving like two-faced skanks in their personal lives. Girls like Tiffany love to use the word “feminist” as an accessory to their image—being a modern, “liberated” girl on the internet. Same with taking issue with “slut-shaming”. Of course she doesn’t like slut-shaming; what a buzzkill! She now has an excuse to “act like one of the guys” (getting tattooed & drunk) and not take responsibility for her actions (shitting all over personal relationships while leeching off of anyone and everyone… real honorable). And that’s where the word “feminist” totally loses its clout. You can’t claim to be independent and empowered if all you do is act like a drunken, self-obsessed skank and post nothing but pictures of your nearly-naked body on the internet to get some girls jealous and some dicks throbbing. What a moronic, simple-minded child she is, really. She’s an embarrassing hypocrite, and has a serious dichotomy in whatever she’s claiming her immature, self-centered personal philosophy to be. But hey, whatever makes her feel better about being just another stupid, desperate girl without the mental fortitude to do anything except be known for her body.” - LiveJournal user cucci_couture on eFagz 

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Screen shot of people talking about not getting orders from Tiffany’s storenvy and that she did not contact them about the orders.
Wow wtf. There are new comments up now I think. Is she pulling a Felice Fawn?

So our good friend Tiffany is taking a page from Felice’s book. How are you going to sell stuff to people and willingly take their money and then not ship them their goods? 
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request by kawaiilies !
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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